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Wow, that was really beautiful. I've been searching for my spiritual animal for a while and I believe it to be Elephant. Last night, I woke up at 2am. I went over to my lamp and asked who was there and what they wanted with me. I didn't understand why I did that. It was like I didn't have control over my body and it was speaking and moving on its own. Well, I didn't noticed it before, but on the lamp I have this long chain of elephant figurines on it that my mom gave me from India. Now, I wonder if spirit animals can jump into inanimate objects that resemble to spiritual/physical form?

I'm wondering if anyone has information on what aromatherapy is best associated with elephants. I have loved elanohants all my life. Connnected with, revered them. They are my tootem animal. We sometimes drift away from all this and its on the back burned recently I needed comfort, strenght life changing dramatically. Will be 60 soon, divorce, living with children (sorting couch surfing)needed a piece to meditate with...but ended up with a single carving, an elephant surrounded in a meticulously carved delicate almost lacy made egg. All one piece. Wonderfully, helpful piece.

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