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I have had an affinity to elephants my whole life. I love them. I have an elephant tattoo on my arm. I would do anything I could to help them in their plight. My heart bleeds as I feel the horror that befalls the poached, my heart goes out to each and every elephant alive.



I'm so interested by your love of elephants and your need to support them and protect them. How anyone could not be in love with large, beautiful, prehistoric-looking animals I do not understand. I promise I won't buy any ivory or pseudo-ivory and I will pass on the word (hopefully reminder) to friends and co-workers.

Thank you, Jaya

Welcome my ellie-sisters!

I'm so glad you're here. And Jeanette, thanks for making that promise, and yes...teaching the world, one friend at a time.

In spirit,

Hi Jaya,
when I read about your dream I started sobbing. I love elephants, but really I love all animals. I pray all the time that our animal allies can be save from suffering at our hands in any way shape or form.
I commend you for putting up this site and hope that it will inspire more people to take action. Thank you, Corinna.

another manifestation of the suffering inflicted by sleep. i know it intimately well from observing the process of my own eyes open and close. now i am aware of the price the elephant pays. i don't believe that i have ever purchased ivory and now i know that i never will.

i was actually just searching elephant tattoos and came upon your website. i started crying with joy and happiness, as i read your profile and the passages you wrote. i am in love with elephants at a deep soul level. they touch my heart and light my soul up whenever i see them. my dream is to save the elephants and to love them unconditionally. i am hoping to plan a trip to thailand or africa within the next few years.
you have inspired me in every way with everything that you do. if there is anything i can do please contact me.
Thank you for being Kind, compassionate, inspiring,and loving to all.. especially elephants.

Dear Katelynne the elephant lover,

Soul sister! Welcome!

Please forgive my delay in responding to your comment. I took a little hiatus from blogging. But I'm grinning from ear to ear at your delightful hello.

Yes, yes, yes. Please do go visit the elephants. I loved my trip to Kenya. Thailand is on my list too, though I'm deeply concerned about how depressing that will be for me. The cruelty of elephants there is astonishing. Don't misunderstand, I do want to go. But I know I will need emotional support while there and probably some time off afterwards in order to process it. The videos and news articles of elephant abuse in Thailand are heartbreaking. That is a REASON to go though. Yes, yes of course it is.

Do stay in touch. I'll get back to blogging soon. Love to hear more from you.


Hello Jaya.

I too came across your blog serendipitously while doing research for a screenplay that features a beautiful Asian elephant I've named Moon.

A heart full of love to you and the elephants.

Ana Maria

Hi Ana Maria,

I'd LOVE to hear about your screenplay when you're ready to announce it. Please stay in touch.

Hi Jaya - i have been to thailand and have seen the good and the bad of the way the elephants are treated. I went to Anantara at the golden triangle and trained as a mahoot. The camp set up there takes the mahoots and their elephants off the streets and provides them with a home for life for them, their families and more importantly the elephants. My elephant is Bo, my mahoot and I linked even tho we didn't speak each others language. Bo could pick me out of a large group of people and leaving her behind broke my heart. I was there for my 50th and spent the day in the mekong river with my elephant playing in the water. She knew instinctively that I have problems with my joints and she would kneel down for me each time so I could ride bare back - no tourist rubbish here - i think of her everyday.

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