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In short, they learn to temper their natural aggression and use it more appropriately.

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I just discovered your blog and have spent some time raiedng. There are a few posts that I would love to be able to re-post for a few friends on facebook, etc. I don't see a way to do that but would love to be able to share your thoughts with others. Nice work and please keep writing!

The Official Water for Elephant trailer is bitaueful. I have never looked so forward to seeing a movie in my life. Now i know how those younger ones felt (my daughter) seeing Twilight for the first time Robert, once again you have moved me to tears. You are a wonderful distraction in a very difficult life, and this trailer made me cry, for it has been yet another horrible day being a widow and mother of two to still raise, now alone This movie reminded me that i have a couple of bitaueful hours to look forward to taking me away from my reality, into a magical place were i can be happy.What Robert has accomplished as a good actor and a lovely human being, is achieve making others happy. Like a song can move you, Robert has moved me. I think that is what actors & movies, musicians & songs try to succeed in doing. Robert has succeeded in something far more important than another movie role Thank you Robert, I adore you.

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I'm passionate about wild elephant conservation. It's something that has overtaken my heart and soul. After a trip to Kenya, where I went to see wild elephants and meet some of my conservationist heroes, I returned to Northern California, asking, "What can I do to help?" So I began writing.

My intention for Sacred Elephants is to raise awareness about elephant conservation by touching your heart, enlightening your mind, and trumpeting a call out to your elephant-loving spirit.

I'm also looking for opportunities to work with other elephant philanthropists for events, travel/tourism, corporate social responsiblity ventures, and media productions. I also accept requests to review elephant books, DVD's, and other products.

Thank you for reading and helping to save our elephant friends!

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