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I am from Turkey and an elephant lover :) I found your blog when i was googling for elephants. ''Nazar'' means ''look'' and the ''boncuk' means glass bead. We think it protects you from other peoples bad looks. And the seven elephants that decrescent symbolise wisdom and modesty.

Thank you Fragaria! I didn't know there was a special meaning for the seven descending elephants. Wisdom and modesty. Nice.

Now that you mention it, I wonder if the 7 elephants relates to the 7 chakras? Does the concept of chakras exist in Turkey?

I noticed the (door?) frame on the left of your photo so thought I would explain that there is a little bit more to this good luck superstition than you mentioned. Elephants, especially in groups of seven, are considered lucky. But it is generally held that for luck they should be positioned facing towards the door.

A very belated thank you, Ozlem. I have it hung next to a window, but I suppose the same rule applies. I think I'll move it to the actual door now, so it will also be facing the right way.

All that is mentioned above is true. But the seven elephants actually have a meaning in Turkey. It is believed that those who hang seven elephants in their homes will become homeowners.

A friend of mine gave me some months ago a set of seven descending elephants made of glass as a home gift.My wife had had knowledge how to position elephants and they were looking very "lucky" until the time when my son of 2 found them.
At the moment some members of the set disappeared , and some limbs of remaining luck bearers are absent.
Some ideas please what to do ?

If you love the evil eye symbol and what it represents...it would be cool if you checked out http://www.evileyeshoponline.com/ ! They have a variety of products that feature the meaningful symbol on it for a good price. Great for anyone that loves it!

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