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i love 2 draw the tattos will u giv me som more pic &ur ph no

Good work,thanks for sharing this information!!!

Because of your beautiful web site, I got a ganesh tattoo on my upper right arm, and I am working on another ganesh for my upper left arm. I am 68 years of age - so it is never too late to find a wonderful site like yours to bring happiness! Sharon Musson,

Sharon, not just one, but TWO tattoos? You go girl! I'd love to see a photo of the finished work if you get a chance to send one. Thank you for stopping by Sacred Elephants!

I'm a Hindu myself & I love the work you've done it amazing. I'm thinking of getting one that's for the inspiration !

I almost have the Ganesh for me.....and am about to do the same (but only one tatoo on the base of my back) I am 52 and LOVE the feeling of HAVING the tattoo....I have three and love each one. They are are as much a part of me as my eyelashes. I find comfort in the fact that they are a part of me. They inspire me and remind me what is important in my life....a star for the goddess in all of us, a tibetan chant that sings to my soul, and my children's names in a beautiful font that reminds me that my love for them is more powerful than the sun. Ganesh, my little love is next....

My rabbi has said that tattoos aren't "illegal" in Judaism -- historically frowned upon, yes, but not a bar to being buried in a Jewish cemetery. I've read his position multiple times from multiple sources.

At 41 I just got a Ganesh tattoo on my upper right arm. Of my three tattoos this beautiful piece has the most meaning to me.


Just thought I put my 2 cents in. For me getting a tattoo is a cool thing. I haven't got one but may be one day I will, MAY BE. But I WILL NEVER GET A GOD TATTOO.

Getting a god tattooed on your skin is a serious thing. Indian gods are just like other god who we show respect to. Indian the gods are not connected to meat and alcohol and other things that we do and eat. So for me if you get a Indian god tattoos and eat meat and drink alcohol, sweat and don't clean yourself regularly, it leads to the gods being disrespected and we don't want to disrespect any gods. That's why I think you should never get a god tattoo.

I agree with D. Kumar. Its like all the people with Aum tattoos that dont even know its a Hindu symbol. My cousin is a strict Catholic and got an Aum which just goes to show how bloody stupid she is. She had no idea it was a symbol for another religion. If you have a Hindu God on your skin and your not Hindu then what the hell are you playing at? Its disrespectful.

Since om is eternal and we are all of us part of the eternity including your " bloody stupid cousin" I wouldn't think her having an om tattoo is a problem. Maybe it will change her life in some way. And as far as having tattoos of gods, the tattoos are icons used to bring you closer to God orBrahman. Not the gods themselves. Reminders to live your life in a certain way. Therefore I think if done with the proper intention not disrespectful.

Interesting comments, everyone.

@Stef, I had to shake my head over your "strict Catholic" cousin who got the Aum tattoo but didn't know what it means. A lot of people put little or no thought and research into their tattoos. I can't relate with that! But at least she ended up with a positive symbol. Maybe it will inspire her to read and learn more.

@N. Oneal, I like your comment. I see it similarly in that intention is key (along with some social respect for other cultures.)

Ganesh is the friendly gate keeper of the Muladhara (first chakra.) Not only is he the first god on the Hindu path, but he seems to reach out and make himself known. Also, of all the Hindu gods, Ganesh seems very forgiving of mistakes and appreciative of all sincere gestures.

I totally Agree with kumar.Aspecially the first Ganesha Tatoo on the back its Disgusting.Its an abuse to our beloved God not only this I have see people having Hindu gods tatoos on legs.There is no problem In having Gods tatoos But in Right place.

harsha, you bring up a good sub-topic: placement, or as you say, "Right" place. I've also seen god (Hindu, but also a lot of Christian) tattoos on calves and even thighs. Something about putting it so low on the body seems inappropriate to me. Religious tattoos seem better located near the heart and above other tattoos on the body. The upper back and arms seem better to me. What do you think?

Devoted tattoos - in correct places is correct and understandable - to indicate respect for the symbols and gods, in which they represent. tattoos are expressions of faith and love brought forth many people and devoties. god judges the heart,soul,and intentions - aswell as actions in maya-devoted tattoos should be encouraged. as a positive never a negative.

I just got a ganesh tattoo on my inner ankle. For me it is where I wanted it, on my body and in a place I can always see it. However, those in India do not agree (where I got the tattoo and have been living for the past four months). I understand it is a high God for hindus, however, i feel it is my body and my dedication to the God to have Ganesh permanently on me and with me at all times, where I can see it. Hopefully I will come across someone who can understand that!!!! Even when I am meditating and praying, Ganesh is staring at me. Just how I wanted it to be.

Jenn, I have a Ganesh on my inner ankle too! I love his placement for the same reasons, however I have encountered some (not all) people who also disagree. I wish there was some way to make them understand why I put him there and that I do hold great respect for him ... :(

I recently got a Ganesh tattoo on my upper/ outer thigh. I was not 100% sure of the placement but I am happy & made peace w/the placement. I grew up with a father who is a Hindu. Although he too was not happy about the tat & the placement he understands why I was compelled to get it. Ganesha clears the path leading to Wisdom, Intellect, and Inner Peace. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati, Shree Ganesh, is the God of Good Luck and Auspiciousness and is the Dispeller of problems and obstacles. I made my peace with whom I needed to make it!!!

I would love some feedback as to where to get my Ganesh tattoo as i am undecided between either the chest or upper back. I want it to be high up and thought of chest as will be close to heart and see it everyday but then I am also keen on idea of having it upper back

Any thoughts?


I have decided what ganesh tattoo I want and it will be the first one I get.

I see quite a few of you already have a ganesh tattoo and would find it reall useful if you could tell me what artist and studio you could yours from.

I would prefer to go on a recommendation rather than google !

we had already sent you an email asking to remove the Ganesh tatoo from your website.
if our demands are not met then you must face the wrath of hindus.


Rakesh, this is the first message received from you, followed by a flurry of repetitive posts and threats on my Facebook page. Clearly you are offended. However, I will not make apology for writing a post about the controversial nature of religious tattoos. THAT was the point of discussion. Others have managed to stay civil, responding thoughtfully and in the same tone of open minded discourse that I started this article with. You may not use your rights to free speech to bully and threaten me. This is your legal notice that you may no longer contact me on this blog, Facebook page, email or any other venue.

Update for anyone following the thread between me and Rakesh. We ended up having a reasonable discourse via private message. He began to see that I was sincere in my reverence for Ganesh. We never agreed on the lead photo, but instead put our attention on commonalities and respect. I wonder if Ganesh played a hand in the truce. I suspect so.

lindo culito la primera

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