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reaction to elephant birthing film.
Talk about UN-NATURAL childbirth! I found the whole thing quite disturbing. First of all... Do you think an elephant would ever choose to deliver her young on a rock? Well, this poor mother was given no choice, but to drop that poor baby onto concrete! No wonder she fitfully kicked it into conscienciousness! Despite all of the contusions of the birth process the poor thing endured, it slamed down onto concrete, I can't help but think, that, may very well have been the major factor in it's slow start. Then this Wonderful Mother trying so, to upright her baby on that slippery CONCRETE surface, (which we didn't get to see all of, in this highly edited film) she, knew far better than the exploiters of these animals, (The boob even admits to, what did he say???, 4 minute edited out?) I can only imagime the mothers panic we didn't get to see! If an animal as large as these does NOT stand quickly following birth, their lungs will not clear, and it's a death sentence. I know this from being involved in the birthing process of large animals. Not only did this poor mother have to get her tramatized newborn to stand...she had to teach it to skate!!! In captivity even horses are given a soft earthed stall with extra thick bedding on witch to drop their young, and most horses choose to lay down at that point. In the wild, these large animals, "paw at and kick up" the ground to soften the birthing area. They would never choose to drop their young onto a rock! Shame on this idiot for showing us his barbaric birthing operation

I totally agree with Andrea! What numbskulls thought that this was in any way natural? I felt terrible for this wonderful mother! And I hated the insensitive man "allowing" her to do what she needed to do. What she needed to do was to try to overcome outrageous abuse of her natural instincts!

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