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im a 17teen yearold girl from kcmo today i went to the bros ringling show.
i saw protesters outside..
but i went in to see the show anyways.
i kept having this horrible feeling inside but i ignored it..
immediately after the show i googled the this circus..
i will never go to a circus again

Selena, I'm so proud of you for making the decision to boycott animal circuses. It must have felt awkward to cross the protest line, but if the protest inspired you to research the issue and join the cause, then it was a success. You really made me happy with your comment here, and I'd like to share your quote with some of the people who protested. It will make them feel proud, too. Thanks for being an elephant lover!


I'm so proud of you too! Your instincts were correct, it is absolutely horrible how they treat all animals in circuses. I protested in CA, it makes me feel so good that people, like you, are listening. Thanks so much for making my day!



Smart of you to research about the circus. As one of the KC protesters, it's appreciated to hear your story. Helping enlighten circus goers on the truth behind the animal circus and ultimately doing away with cruel animal shows is our goal. Please continue to share with your friends and family to boycott the circus.


Hey Selena! You rock girl! It takes a lot of courage for anyone, but especially at you age to stand up for what is right.

We are all proud of you!


Today I purchased tickets for BBRB Circus in Orlando for next week (1/13/11). I then had the presence of mind to google them to find out about any complaints. For some reason I thought this circus, being the big production it is, would have a humane program. I am SO GLAD I came across this site and became more informed. With a terrible pit in my stomach I called Ticketmaster and obtained a refund for our 3 tickets. Its better to teach my 2 year old about compassion and gentleness to animals than to turn a blind eye to the horrible abuse. Thank-you for putting this information out there so people like me can make informed choices.

They will never get one penny of my money. HORRIFIED at what these animals endure.

Laurie and Karen, THANK YOU!

This bastards, the government should take action. I might live in a so called 3rd world country (Bolivia) but Circus are forbiden in this country. Now it is the turn of Zoos. 24 Lions where rescue and sent to Colorado (reservation), something like that should be done with elephants. Regards!

Hi I would like info on how to protest the upcoming circus in my city(baltimore)...any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Crystal,

I think you should get in touch with Eric Deardorff of PETA EricD@peta.org about the Baltimore circus. No matter how you feel about PETA overall*, they are really great at organizing circus protests. They will even provide picket signs, leaflets, etc. Eric has been quick to respond to me in the past and has said I can direct inquiries to him.

*For example, you don't have to be vegan or agree with them on every issue in order to join them on this issue. I mention this because I felt somewhat awkward about PETA at first, but my experience with them on the common cause of circus elephants was really great.

Other things you can do might include:

Share this post with your social network.

Here's a video I created for people to share as well.

Personally, I think Facebook and Twitter are the best places to get the word out, so use those if you're on them!

Thanks for reaching out to save elephants.

I feel so sorry for these poor animals.

this is so horrible.... never going to the Ringling Bros. Circus >:{

Boycott Ringling Brother's Circus when it comes to Waco. The cruelty that their animals endure is heartbreaking.

Hi Joy, saw your post and want to let you know I am organizing a protest in Waco Thursday, July 14th 2011. 6:30-7:30 I have the posters and handouts from PETA and they are powerful. Hoping you will join us.
lachelle 903 436 2848

I'm sickened by this.

That is horrifying. I love all animals and i started crying before i even watched the videos. I would like to know if there any protests scheduled soon in new jersey or new york.

I am in Oregon. According to the Rose Garden schedule online, this horror is coming here mid-September. I think the dates are the 15-19. I have been doing searches for protests, but nothing is coming up through IDA. I hope something is planned. This has to stop. I cry too, but that doesn't do any good at all.

A similar thing occurred to me. I had never been to a circus so i decided to buy tickets and go not thinking twice about the treatment of the animals. I am a huge animal lover so when I saw a few of the protesters and the sings they held about mistreatment of the animals, I really didn't enjoy the show much because that was always in the back of my mind. After googling everything I will NEVER ever go to a circus again!

We just went to the circus last night ... & I told my wife I bet they lrleay treat the animals bad to get them to do the things they're doing.Then, I stubbled upon your blog today ... and I'm speechless.I will never return to the circus.

Wow so the movie dumbo is real this is. Very sad we must stop it

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